I am interested in a broad range of topics at the intersection of stellar physics, galaxy formation, and cosmology. I try to work at the interface between of theory and observations, emphasizing tests of theoretical predictions with observational data. Here's a wordcloud of some research buzzwords, constructed from my first-author papers.

Below is a recording of a recent (virtual) talk I gave at the Princeton summer colloquium in August 2020.

Below, I group my published papers by broad topic.

Binary Stars

A million binaries from Gaia eDR3: sample selection and validation of Gaia parallax uncertainties
TOI-1259Ab -- a gas giant planet with 2.7% deep transits and a bound white dwarf companion
Data-driven spectroscopic estimates of absolute magnitude, distance and binarity -- method and catalog of 16,002 O- and B-type stars from LAMOST
A stripped-companion origin for Be stars: clues from the putative black holes HR 6819 and LB-1
Not so fast: LB-1 is unlikely to contain a 70 Msun black hole
Discovery of an equal-mass "twin'' binary population reaching 1000+ AU separations
The geometric challenge of testing gravity with wide binaries
The wide binary fraction of solar-type stars: emergence of metallicity dependence at a < 200 au
Imprints of white dwarf recoil in the separation distribution of Gaia wide binaries
Discovery and characterization of 3000+ main-sequence binaries from APOGEE spectra
Identical or fraternal twins?: The chemical homogeneity of wide binaries from Gaia DR2
The separation distribution of ultra-wide binaries across Galactic populations
From birth associations to field stars: mapping the small-scale orbit distribution in the Galactic disc
Spatial and kinematic clustering of stars in the Galactic disk

Dwarf galaxies

Gas kinematics in FIRE simulated galaxies compared to spatially unresolved HI observations
Gas kinematics, morphology and angular momentum in the FIRE simulations
When the Jeans do not fit: How stellar feedback drives stellar kinematics and complicates dynamical modeling in low-mass galaxies
Breathing FIRE: How stellar feedback drives radial migration, rapid size fluctuations, and population gradients in low-mass galaxies
The origin of ultra diffuse galaxies: stellar feedback and quenching
Dark and luminous satellites of LMC-mass galaxies in the FIRE simulations
Star formation histories of dwarf galaxies in the FIRE simulations: dependence on mass and Local Group environment
AGN all the way down? AGN-like line ratios are common in the lowest-mass isolated quiescent galaxies
No assembly required: mergers are mostly irrelevant for the growth of low-mass dwarf galaxies
Dwarf galaxies in CDM, WDM, and SIDM: Disentangling baryons and dark matter physics
A closer look at bursty star formation with LHα and LUV distributions
The OSIRIS Lens-amplified Survey (OLAS). I. Dynamical effects of stellar feedback in low-mass galaxies at z∼2
Effects of stellar feedback on stellar and gas kinematics of star-forming galaxies at z=0.6-1.0
Probing the CGM of low-redshift dwarf galaxies using FIRE simulations
A relationship between stellar metallicity gradients and galaxy age in dwarf galaxies
The time-scales probed by star formation rate indicators for realistic, bursty star formation histories from the FIRE simulations
A dark matter profile to model diverse feedback-induced core sizes of LCDM halos

Cosmological simulations of Milky Way-like galaxies

Where are the most ancient stars in the Milky Way?
Growing pains: The formation times and building blocks of Milky Way-mass galaxies in the FIRE simulations
A profile in FIRE: resolving the radial distributions of satellite galaxies in the Local Group with simulations
The fates of the circumgalactic medium in the FIRE simulations
The origins of the circumgalactic medium in the FIRE simulations
Formation, vertex deviation, and age of the Milky Way's bulge: input from a cosmological simulation with a late-forming bar
The origin of the diverse morphologies and kinematics of Milky Way-mass galaxies in the FIRE-2 simulations
How to model supernovae in simulations of star and galaxy formation
Virialization of the inner CGM in the FIRE simulations and implications for galaxy discs, star formation and feedback

Other potpourri

Evolution of supernovae-driven superbubbles with conduction and cooling
The formation and hierarchical assembly of globular cluster populations
An empirical measurement of the initial-final mass relation with Gaia white dwarfs
The statistical challenge of constraining the low-mass IMF in Local Group dwarf galaxies