Coverage of my work by popular media

Shortest-period brown dwarf binary

Two tiny stars fit into an orbit smaller than our sun (Popular Science)
Brown dwarf is locked in a destructive 2-hour orbit with a tiny star (New Scientist)

Hypervelocity white dwarfs

Fastest star in the galaxy clocked at 2285 kilometres per second (New Scientist)
Scientists discover the fastest stars ever seen in the Milky Way (Live Science)
Record-breaking runaway stars are fleeing the galaxy at mach 6,000 (SyFy)

Wide black hole binary population

Gaia discovers a new family of black holes (ESA)

Gaia BH1

Astronomers Find a Black Hole in Our Cosmic Back Yard (New York Times)
Schwarzes Loch in Erdnähe entdeckt (Der Spiegel)
BBC Science in Action (radio; segment begins at 10:48)
New method finds black hole closest to Earth (MPIA)
Wobbly star reveals the closest black hole yet (Sky and Telescope)
The Dormant Stellar-Mass Black Hole that Actually Is (astrobites)

EL CVn progenitors

The Gaia mission keeps unlocking secrets of the Galaxy (Wired)

Unicorn and Giraffe (Stripped giant+subgiant binaries)

Binary stars keep masquerading as black holes (ScienceNews)
Giraffes exist, and Unicorns too! (astrobites)

NGC 1850 BH1 (black hole candidate)

Astronomers might have spotted a stellar-mass black hole in another galaxy — but not everyone agrees with what they found (Sky and Telescope)
So, about that black hole discovered in a nearby galaxy... (Phil Plait/Bad Astronomy)

Cataclysmic variables turning into ELM white dwarfs

Two Stars Orbiting Each Other Every 51 Minutes. This Can’t End Well (Universe Today)
Astronomers observe a new type of binary star long predicted to exist (Harvard CfA)
New Binary Star Type Discovered is The 'Missing Link' In Stellar Evolution (Newsweek)
LAMOST discovers new type of compact binary star (NAOC)
Unusual binary system detected with LAMOST (

Gaia wide binary atlas

Binary stars are all around us, new map of solar neighborhood shows (Berkeley News)
1.3 Million Pairs of Stars Surround the Sun (AGU Eos)
We're absolutely surrounded by double stars, new 3D map suggests (Gizmodo)
The Sun is surrounded by millions of binary stars! (Bad Astronomy)

HR 6819 (black hole candidate)

Scientists queue up to say black hole just 1,000 light years from Earth may not exist after all (The Register)
The Closest Black Hole to Earth May Not Actually be a Black Hole After All (Science Alert)
Closest black hole system found to contain no black hole (ESO)

LB-1 (black hole candidate)

Impossibly Big Black Hole Was Probably Impossible After All (
'Monster Black Hole' Discovery Was Wrong — But That's How Science Progresses, Scientists Say (
Berkeley student throws cold water on ‘monster’ black hole discovery (Berkeley News)

Twin wide binaries

Twins for the Win! (astrobites)
Twin Astronomer Probes ‘DNA’ of Twin Stars to Reveal Family History of the Milky Way (UT News)
Separated At Birth: Comparing Chemical Compositions of Binaries (astrobites)

Gaia white dwarfs

New Technique More Precisely Determines the Ages of Stars (Embry-Riddle News)
Gaia Liefert (; German)

LMC satellites

The Milky Way kidnapped several tiny galaxies from its neighbor (UCR News)

"Breathing modes" in dwarf galaxies

Strange Dark Galaxy Puzzles Astrophysicists (Quanta)