Coverage of my work by popular media

HR 6819 (black hole candidate)

Scientists queue up to say black hole just 1,000 light years from Earth may not exist after all (The Register)

LB-1 (black hole candidate)

Impossibly Big Black Hole Was Probably Impossible After All (
'Monster Black Hole' Discovery Was Wrong — But That's How Science Progresses, Scientists Say (
Berkeley student throws cold water on ‘monster’ black hole discovery (Berkeley News)

Twin wide binaries

Twins for the Win! (astrobites)
Twin Astronomer Probes ‘DNA’ of Twin Stars to Reveal Family History of the Milky Way (UT News)
Separated At Birth: Comparing Chemical Compositions of Binaries (astrobites)

Gaia white dwarfs

New Technique More Precisely Determines the Ages of Stars (Embry-Riddle News)
Gaia Liefert (; German)

LMC satellites

The Milky Way kidnapped several tiny galaxies from its neighbor (UCR News)

"Breathing modes" in dwarf galaxies

Strange Dark Galaxy Puzzles Astrophysicists (Quanta)